Preliminary evaluation of App for sale:

Terms and conditions from ResearchOn:

1. Submission of app for preliminary evaluation does not guarantee sale of the app. There will be no legal binding on ResearchOn on the basis of any information provided by the app developer.

2. All information provided during preliminary evaluation will be considered public. Details about any Intellectual Property owned by you/your firm MUST NOT be provided.

3. Apps are evaluated on case to case basis, so no comparison can be done between different apps submitted for sale.

4. If an app is not short-listed after preliminary evaluation, then ResearchOn will not bear any responsibility to provide clarifications

5. App developer(s) will be blacklisted if found submitting information about invalid/inappropriate content or malicious apps or illegal apps or apps not owned by them.

6. ResearchOn reserves right to change terms and conditions without prior notice for new app submissions or for apps submitted already.

7. After preliminary evaluation, terms and conditions may be different for further evaluations and sale.

8. Even if an app is short-listed after preliminary evaluation, final price for the sale will be decided after further evaluations and negotiations with seller.

9. Selection of an app in preliminary evaluation does not guarantee sale of the app. ResearchOn reserves right to exit from evaluation and/or sale at any stage.