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Conversation Shortcuts

Isn't it cool to have context aware shortcuts during phone calls? Here is a solution.

"Conversation Shortcuts" is a background application that intuitively creates shortcuts relevant for the phone call. Yes, it shows following shortcuts with reference to the other person in the call:
- Open contact details - SMS contact
- Take Quick Notes with date and contact name pre-filled.
- Create new contact
- Show contact list


Zero SMS

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Tired of telling same thing to many people?

"ZeroSMS" is an SMS auto-reply app which sends pre-configured reply whenever you receive an SMS with just '0' (Zero) in the message.
It is NOT an 'out-of-office' or 'busy' reply app as it does not send reply for other messages.

Do I need this?
You will need it if you are giving same information to many people regularly. Example:
- Details about a party or any other event
- Price of a product or current deals in your business

How to use this?
1. Configure your reply for Zero SMS.
2. Ask your friends/customers to send an SMS with just 0 as message text. Mention this in your business card.
3. Enjoy the free-time as reply will be sent by this app automatically.