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Conversation Shortcuts

Isn't it cool to have context aware shortcuts during phone calls? Here is a solution.

"Conversation Shortcuts" is a background application that intuitively creates shortcuts relevant for the phone call. Yes, it shows following shortcuts with reference to the other person in the call:
- Open contact details - SMS contact
- Take Quick Notes with date and contact name pre-filled.
- Create new contact
- Show contact list

Notify Other Phone

Do you own two phones and not carry your secondary Android phone all the time?

If yes, then here is a simple solution to get notification on your primary phone through SMS whenever there is a missed call on your secondary Android phone.

Install this app on your secondary Android phone and configure your primary phone number as destination. Your primary mobile phone can be on any platform, not necessarily Android.

This is a light weight app which uses only SMS to communicate with primary phone. This is very useful when you don't want to enable "Call Forwarding" or use applications that store your notification details on cloud servers.